0-60 Drill Game Scoring

I’m a big advocate for and promoter of the 0-60 Drill Game. 

I was introduced to 0-60 in January of 2020 by Barbara Goebel, past president of the Bellingham Pickleball Club and current Secretary/Board Member. When I designed The Coach Mark Workout© in spring of 2020, I had to include 0-60. I think it’s one of the best ways to develop control, consistency, and confidence for players at any skill level.

You can learn more about The Coach Mark Workout© in the Resources section of this website (be sure to watch the ten short videos). I also have a pdf that describes all of the drills and drill games of the Workout. On page three of this pdf is an explanation of 0-60 Drill Game Scoring. Also on this page, I reference a Youtube video from Primetime Pickleball illustrating the drill game in action.

Here’s The Coach Mark Workout pdf:

I recently led six sessions of The Coach Mark Workout© at the Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club in Lincoln, California. Each session had eight club members and we went through the seven drills and drill games in two hours. I reserved the last 20 minutes of each Workout for learning and practicing the 0-60 Drill Game.

One of the challenges for players learning 0-60 is the scoring. For many players, this can be a frustrating part of learning the drill game. It usually takes a couple of games to learn and remember the scoring process.

To shorten this learning curve, I suggested to the Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club we create a video demonstrating the drill game and a voiceover explaining the drill game scoring. The result is included below (click on the Google Drive link). Many thanks to Rita and LeRoy Weighall for participating and for granting permission to use the video on this website.

I’m confident that if you regularly practice the 0-60 Drill Game, you and your partner will build the control, consistency, and confidence needed to advance to the next level of skill!

Here’s the link to the 0-60 Drill Game Scoring video:


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