Your Most Important Resource

If you’re serious about improving pickleball skills and performance, then there’s one resource you must develop and nurture. No, it’s not your paddle. Or your shoes. Or your fitness and agility.

Yes, these are valuable resources – among many – that you need to get right and/or improve. But, I think there’s an even more important resource. It’s your drilling partner! Yes, you read right – your drilling partner.

Why do I think a drilling partner is your most important resource? If you look up the definition of resource in Wikipedia, it says: a resource is a source or supply from which a benefit is produced and provides some utility.

If you recruit and build a team of dependable and committed drilling partners, you will create a valuable resource (or asset) for skill development and performance improvement. In addition, this team will have many different talents you can utilize to address weaknesses or enhance strengths. And since we’re talking about developing win-win relationships with like-minded players who may become good friends, you will offer something of value to them too. In sum, everyone benefits out of strong drilling partnerships.

However, finding the right drilling partner or building a strong drilling team is no easy task. You will need to “tryout” players to see if there’s a good match (or fit). Not everyone who plays the game and sport of pickleball is dedicated to putting in the hours needed to practice and refine the mechanics, movement, or mindset required to play at a higher level of skill or competition. In fact, some players find drills boring. I’ve encountered a few of these folks and it doesn’t take long to see a look of boredom (or disgust) on their faces. These are the people who will not become reliable or sustainable partners. Be nice and thank them, but don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole!

Obviously, finding the right drilling partners with the right mindset is critical. But what about the drills or drill games you and your partners will be using to develop skills and improved play?

This is the one of the reasons for why I designed The Coach Mark Workout©. With the seven drills and three drill games in the Workout, you now have access to a wealth of resources to help you develop the control, consistency, and confidence required for the next level of skill and/or competition. And remember, you have four versions of the drills in The Coach Mark Workout. That is, you can use these drills (plus the 0-60 Drill Game) in two down-the-line and two cross-court formats to development directional control and placement.

In all, 34 different drills and drill games when you add in the Serve and Stay and Serve and Slide drill games.

So, I’d like to challenge you in 2021 to develop your most important resource – your team of drilling partners. Use their strengths and talents as well as The Coach Mark Workout© to take your game to the next level. I’m thinking you’ll look back at your team of dedicated partners at this time next year with gratefulness and thankfulness.

I know I do.

Published by Coach Mark

Coach Mark is a Certified Pickleball Coach, Teaching Professional, Rating Specialist, and Director of an IPTPA Training and Testing Center. Learn more at