Agility and Fitness Routines

As a Certified Pickleball Coach and Teaching Professional, I spend time in lessons and drilling or practice sessions detecting and correcting “bad habits.” These habits often reveal a missing or inefficient “mechanic” or “technique” for executing one of the nine basic shots in pickleball.

However, there’s another area many players need to develop and improve. That area focuses on mobility and flexibility. It’s hard to develop control and consistency when you’re not able to get to the ball and setup properly to execute the shot or recover and move quickly to the next shot.

If you would like to improve your pickleball skills and performance, I recommend a visit to the The Pickleball Doctor website and watch the Youtube videos from Dr. Noe Sariban, a fellow IPTPA Level 2 Certified Teaching Professional. He has videos addressing strength, conditioning, power, and agility. More important than just watching, however, is setting aside regular time every day to implement these routines.

Here’s the video on mobility and flexibility from The Pickleball Doctor’s website:

In addition, I have two videos from my step-daughter, Sarah Kathryn Ellis. Sarah is a master practitioner of yoga (i.e., a yogini). She has received multiple certifications and over 500+ hours of training to deliver yoga to clients and students of all ages. I asked Sarah to produce two videos for pickleball players (see below).

If you’d like to practice and/or study yoga with Sarah, contact her directly at She delivers yoga sessions via Zoom and of course, I highly recommend her!!

Yogini Sarah’s Warm-Up and Cool-Down Routine

Here’s a routine Sarah has developed for building strength of core muscles groups needed to play high-quality pickleball:

Yogini Sarah’s Strength Building Routine