BBAC Teaching Professional

Coach Mark is the Pickleball Teaching Professional at the Birch Bay Activity Center (BBAC) in Birch Bay, Washington. Since the summer of 2020, Coach Mark has been helping this community-focused recreation center develop and grow its pickleball program.

In 2022, BBAC became an official Training and Testing Center of IPTPA, the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. In addition, BBAC was designated an IPTPA Junior Development Training Center. As well, Coach Mark was named a Director at IPTPA.

What this means for BBAC and players in our region (on both sides of the border) is access to a variety of IPTPA programs and services (delivered by Coach Mark and his carefully-selected team of certified coaches). These include the IPTPA Rating System, Level 1 and 2 Coach Certification Programs, and Junior Development Program.

Visit the BBAC website (and this recent article in The Northern Light newspaper) to learn more about the Coach Mark programs and events scheduled in 2023.

Coach Mark in action at the Birch Bay Activity Center outdoor pickleball courts.