Coach Mark, What Do You Do?

I work with players to master the technique, skills, shots, strategy, and precision needed to play pickleball at a higher level.

What Programs and Services Does You Offer?

Visit the Services section of this website for an overview of the programs and services I offer players at the Birch Bay Activity Center and Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine and Birch Bay, Washington.

Let’s Accelerate Your Learning and Performance!

Why Do Players Come to You?

Players come to me because I deliver a level of personalized service, individual attention, and coaching support they can’t or don’t receive elsewhere. I do this by designing fun and challenging training sessions that address individual needs, improve gameplay performance, and help clients reach their goals.

Are There Other Reasons?

Yes, they include:

  • I’m a certified coach and teaching professional with multiple credentials (from PCI, PPR, and IPTPA) as well as 4,000 hours of coaching in the past 3.5 years.
  • I’ve been the Teaching Pro at the Birch Bay Activity Center in Blaine/Birch Bay, Washington since summer 2020.
  • I’m the Director of an IPTPA Testing and Training Center at the Birch Bay Activity Center (and also a Certified Teaching Professional and Rating Specialist through IPTPA).
  • I share knowledge of different approaches to playing the game acquired by my personal study of learning programs from Helle Sparre, Scott Moore, Mark Renneson, Nicole Havlicheck, Jordan Briones, and others.
  • I have the playing, analytical, communication, strategic thinking, and consistent ball feeding skills essential for clients to learn and improve quickly.
  • I charge an affordable hourly fee (which may be shared by up to four players on one court).
  • I emphasize technique (what I call “core mechanics”) and teach an easy-to-understand and easy-to-execute strategy for playing doubles.
  • I make learning, drilling, and practice fun (as confirmed by happy and pleased clients who come back for more year after year).

What Type of Player Do You Best Work With?

I work best with players who are serious about improvement, open to learning new ideas and being coached, and committed to regular training and practice sessions with me.

What Can You Do for Clients?

Here’s a list of the accomplishments I’ve helped players achieve in the last few years: quickly learn shot mechanics, play with precision, make better gameplay decisions, increase agility and movement, improve defense, master soft shots and the slow game, execute a straightforward doubles strategy, become more offensive, obtain a higher level skill rating, learn the tournament mindset, win a medal in tournament play, gain acceptance into higher skilled groups, and have more fun playing pickleball!

What is Your Coaching Philosophy and Model?

My coaching philosophy is Play Slower and Lower. My coaching model is Control Plus Consistency Equals Confidence.

What Kind of Feedback Do You Receive From Clients?

My goal at Coach Mark Pickleball is to ensure clients are happy and pleased!

You can read some of the comments I’ve received from my growing Family of Loyal Promoters over the last 3+ years at this link.

What is Your Coaching Style?

I have a coaching, teaching, and communication style that is friendly, respectful, positive, supportive, client-centered, and focused on results. My job is to facilitate your learning, adjust the difficulty levels and challenges as appropriate, and make it fun for you to learn and improve.

What Results Have You Achieved in Tournament Play?

I had a positive tournament experience while “snow birding” in Arizona for four months in late 2022 and early 2023. Click on this link to review my results.

What is the Mission and Vision of Coach Mark Pickleball?

Our motto at CMP is “Client-Centered and Impact-Driven.” Revenue from Coach Mark Pickleball programs and services is used to fund projects and support organizations (like the Birch Bay Activity Center) that improve the health, wealth, and well-being of communities.

How Do I Get in Touch With You?

Go to the Contact page of this website. I welcome the opportunity to help you learn how to Play Slower and Lower and develop more Control, Consistency, and Confidence.