IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist

Coach Mark is an IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist (CRS-5). This professional designation means Coach Mark is authorized to administer the IPTPA Rating System for players up to the 4.5 skill level. Mark is also a Level 2 Certified Teaching Professional and 4.5 skill-rated player through IPTPA, the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association.

The IPTPA Skill Level Rating System is used worldwide by IPTPA Certified Teaching Professionals and Rating Specialists to objectively test and develop the skills and performance of players. An IPTPA rating is a straightforward, reliable, and trustworthy measure of skill as compared to the inaccurate and misleading results created by complicated tournament rating algorithms.

Coach Mark utilizes the IPTPA Rating System as a performance-based measure of skill improvement. He incorporates the objective rating protocol into his Skill Development Plans for players aiming to get rated at the 3.0 – 4.5 levels. As with any performance-based test, you won’t be surprised by the expectations needed to move up in level.

Visit the IPTPA website to learn more about this skill level rating process. Then, contact Coach Mark to discuss your goal for obtaining an IPTPA Skill Level Rating.

Coach Mark leading a skill clinic on the outdoor courts at the Birch Bay Activity Center in Birch Bay, Washington.