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My Fave Pickleball Metric

Let me ask a question … during a typical game of pickleball, how much time do you spend hitting the ball versus picking up the ball? This question speaks …

What Makes a Great Coach?

One of the goals I had for coming to Surprise, Arizona during winter 2021 was to develop my pickleball coaching skills. I wanted to meet someone who could …

The Most Difficult Shot

I use to think the most difficult shot in pickleball was the drop shot. Now, I think it’s the second most difficult shot. What’s my new number one?

Your Most Important Resource

If you’re serious about improving pickleball skills and performance, then there’s one resource you must develop and nurture. No, it’s not your paddle. Or your shoes. Or your fitness and agility. Yes, these are valuable resources – among many – that you need to get right and/or improve. But, I think there’s an even more…

0-60 Drill Game Scoring

When I designed The Coach Mark Workout© in spring of 2020, I had to include the 0-60 Drill Game. I think it’s one of the best ways to develop control, consistency, and confidence for players at any skill level…

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