When Mark Livingston worked with clients during his 35-year career as a Certified Management Consultant™, he showed entrepreneurial leaders and teams how to grow more loyal promoters. Loyal Promoters are customers (or members, guests, clients, etc.) of an organization who come back for more, spend more money, and tell others about their positive experiences.

Loyal Promoters represent the most valuable segment of an organization’s customer base. Obtaining their raves, high-fives, or testimonials is one indication an enterprise is on the path to growing a profitable and strong Family of Loyal Promoters.

Here are testimonials from Coach Mark’s growing Family of Loyal Promoters:

“A Natural Mentor”

“Mark is a friendly, intelligent, keenly observant individual. He is an exceptionally fast learner, which, combined with his athleticism, has created a very fine student and player of pickleball. His dedication and work ethic, shared love for the sport, and powers of analysis make him a natural mentor.”

  • B.M. (Birch Bay, Washington)

“A Fierce Competitor”

“Coach Mark is a fantastic partner, very calm, focused, and a fierce competitor besides an awesome player. We won three gold and one silver medal together in four events. I felt very lucky to have him here as a mixed doubles partner this winter season.”

  • J.M. (Surprise, Arizona)

“Listens to Your Needs”

“Whether your aim is to improve individual playing skills, or to enhance organizational development, Mark will listen carefully to your needs and collaboratively develop a plan to help you reach your goals.

  • M. K. (Bellingham, Washington)

“I Have Passed Them All Up”

“I recently played pickleball with friends I had not seen in a year. I left the session feeling elated, because I have passed them all up with my play. I use to think they were all so good. Thanks to your lessons, you are turning my game around and I am so stoked about it!!”

  • J.S. (Bellingham, Washington)

“A Great Teacher”

“For anyone wanting to improve their pickleball technique, I recommend Coach Mark Livingston. He will work with you at whatever level you’re at and come up with a series of lessons and drills to help you improve your skills and confidence. He’s not just a good pickleball player, he’s a great teacher too.”

  • M.R. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Coach Mark ‘Rocks'”

“Coach Mark has helped me immensely. Not only is he a great player, he is an awesome teacher. Techniques, strategies, competitive spirit and a winner’s attitude are all qualities Coach Mark has to pass on to his students.” 

  • L.P. (Surprise, Arizona)

“Love the New Workouts”

“Wow Mark! Thanks for sharing this information with us. I love the two new workouts. Watched the videos and made my cheat sheets for them. Can’t wait to try them out. Many thanks for all your coaching!”

  • K.P. (Bellingham, Washington)

Quickly Assesses Needs”

“Mark is a great student of pickleball.  He quickly and wisely assesses needs and opportunities to develop a realistic implementation plan for your own personal growth or that of your organization.  He has been generous with his personal time and energy to help others.” 

  • B.G. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Thanks for Your Guidance”

“I played this morning with some of the folks from last summer and I noticed such a difference in play. Those third shot drops and dink shots ARE better … you were right! Thanks for your patience and guidance. I’ll keep working on them.”

  • K.H. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Attentive, Professional, and Patient”

“The bottom line – I learned a lot from Coach Mark. He was attentive, professional, and patient. I highly recommend Coach Mark to improve your pickleball game.”

  • S.D. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Mark is a Fabulous Coach”

“Mark is a fabulous pickleball coach with a keen eye for recognizing shortcomings and instruction that leads to improvement of a player’s skills. He approaches each lesson thoughtful and methodically, developing in his students a deeper understanding of the game and how to win with patience, strategy, and technique.”

  • L.K. (Richmond, British Columbia)

“I Have a Level of Confidence”

“Coach Mark took me from “rusty “ (I had taken off five months due to the virus) to a level of confidence with my game.  I have a vision of what is and isn’t working, and how to correct myself.”

  • H.Z. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Lessons Were Efficient and Fun”

“I met Coach Mark when I was a novice pickleball player. I wanted to make quick progress, so I hired him for bi-weekly lessons. Based on his coaching program, Mark created a plan specifically for me. He is highly organized and includes drills, games, and competitions. He enthusiastically shares his game and sent videos and handouts for me to study. My lessons were efficient and fun and I benefited from a lot of one-on-one coaching. I have had other lessons but made the most progress with Mark. He was great. I highly recommend Coach Mark.

  • D.A. (San Francisco, CA)

“Personal, Specific, and Helpful”

“My instruction from Coach Mark was personal, specific, and helpful.  He quickly evaluated my areas of weakness and taught me how to correct my bad habits and form new ones.  His drills were fun and reinforced the newly learned skills being taught.  I highly recommend the Coach Mark Lessons.”

  • J.S. (Birch Bay, Washington)

“Thank You Coach Mark”

“Coach Mark has the ability to tailor attention and develop activities to each client’s needs and interests. Thank you Coach Mark!”

  • R.D. (Blaine, Washington)

“Teaching Ability is Unmatched”

“I have already recommended Mark’s coaching to multiple people and will continue to do so. His teaching ability is unmatched in Blaine and Birch Bay.”

  • N.P. (Blaine, Washington)

“A Very Helpful Clinic”

“I just wanted to thank you again for a very helpful clinic I attended today. You’re whole delivery was great and easy to follow. What I appreciated most from you was the rhythm in which you presented each drill. I am an ex ballet dancer and the way you moved and hit the ball was truly like a skillful dance! I felt by watching you I was able to get into a groove much better.”

  • L.S. (Lincoln, California)

“Thank You So Much”

“Thank you so much for all the great tips and drills. I hope we can see you next year.”

  • G.B. (Surprise, Arizona)

“Great Coaching”

“Thank you for your great coaching. Your low-key approach and positivity really made a difference for me. Thank you for helping me to reach this personal goal.”

  • L.F. (Ferndale, Washington)

“Masterful Coaching”

“Great session today Coach Mark! You were in good form with some humor and masterful at creating a meaningful agenda as to what people expressed they wanted to get better at.”

  • R.D. (Blaine, Washington)

“High Quality Teaching Materials”

“Thank you for making so much high-quality teaching materials online.”

  • J.S. (New Jersey, USA)

“Thank You for Taking a Stand”

“Thank you for taking a stand on the vaccination requirement, for creating a safe, fun, and enjoyable path toward competition for us average athletes, and for being a joy to be around.”

  • M.C. (Bellingham, WA)

“You Prepared Me Well”

“Mark, I wanted to say thank you again for completing the rating with us today. It all went smoothly, you had a perfect schedule, and I appreciate your organization. And it was fun! You had prepared me well. Thank you.”

  • S.H. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Mark Knows His Stuff”

“Mark knows his stuff and has the skills to give the right training no matter your experience level. He’s always positive and genuinely happy to see his students. I look forward to my sessions with Coach Mark.”

  • L.A. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Great at Demonstrating”

“Coach Mark is great at communicating and demonstrating. I just encouraged three friends who are new in the class.”

  • K.S. (Ferndale, Washington)

“Great Coaching Skills”

“Coach Mark is very knowledgeable about the game, has great coaching skills, makes it fun, is well organized, and everyone taking his classes learns something.”

  • J.B. (Birch Bay Village, Washington)

“You Are a Great Coach!”

“Thank you so much for your amazing Skill Development Plan and all the thought and effort that went into it! We look forward to implementing your suggestions when we get to Arizona. You are a great coach!”

  • F.P. and L.P. (Mount, Vernon, WA)

“An Excellent Coach”

“Coach Mark is an excellent coach. He is able to translate pickleball theory into effective (and enjoyable) lessons to increase performance in his clients. He is a consummate professional.”

  • G.S. (Abbotsford, BC)

“A True Teaching Professional”

“Coach Mark is a true teaching professional. He knows how to break down skills into achievable components.”

  • J.D. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Recommend Coach Mark”

“I like his style of calmness for beginners. He was aware of every player, their names, and I felt capable of learning in his presence. He certainly has a knack for saying what is doable and not overloading a beginner. I would certainly recommend Coach Mark to anybody wanting to know if this is a sport they could enjoy or be capable of learning.”

  • I.V.N. (Abbotsford, BC)

“Thank You for the Information”

“Thank you for all the great coaching information from my lessons and at the tournament! It has been so helpful in helping improve my game!”

  • K.F. (Peoria, AZ)

“It’s Paying Off!”

“Just reporting in on a great morning of pickleball. I felt I did super and so many of my fellow players were commenting on how good I was playing. All of your hard work with me is paying off. Thanks for your repeated encouragement and making the game fun!”

  • A.D. (Blaine, WA)

“A Great Lesson”

“That was a great lesson yesterday! I came away with many things to think about and movements to practice. I like that you teach strategy with the drills.”

  • R.S. (Birch Bay, WA)

“Thank You For All You Do”

“By the way, I really enjoyed our last two lessons. I love how you made them progressive in nature and then led us into gameplay. Thank you for all you do for pickleball and for your students.”

  • B.G. (Ferndale, WA)

“Thanks for Your Support”

“Thank you so much for your support.  Thank God you have patience to reteach the same skill each time we meet up!  Tiny advancements over our lessons have led to a bit of skill gradually.  More important to me is the confidence you’ve given us, through your patient instructing, to be brave enough to enter a tourney!”

  • B.S. (Lynden, WA)

“So Patient and Consistent”

Mark was so patient and consistent with us, slowly convincing us to look at and approach things differently and more efficiently. We have become less dink and drop shot resistant by the end of our too short time together. Thanks for your support.”

  • C. L. T. (Goodyear, Arizona)

“We Are Getting Better”

“Thanks for all the great coaching. Really enjoyed the time spent on improving our game. We are definitely getting better as a result of your coaching and tips.”

  • T.R. and J.R. (Goodyear, Arizona)

“We Truly Appreciate You!”

“Thank you Mark! We truly appreciate you and your enthusiasm for our pickleball program (and your enthusiasm and positive energy in general). Your professionalism has strengthened our program program at BBAC as well.”

  • H.H. (Birch Bay, Washington)

“Thank You for Your Coaching”

“Mark, I want to especially thank you for your coaching to improve her skills and give her the confidence she needed. It is much appreciated. Please delete this email after you read it. She would be embarrassed if she knew how happy I am over this.”

  • B.B. (Blaine, Washington)

“All Thanks to You!”

“It has been so much fun working with you and I’ve had such a big reward by the amount I’ve improved! I’m confidently playing with the better women and I can’t tell you how much more fun that is for me. It’s all thanks to you!”

  • J.S. (Bellingham, WA

“Love Your Teaching Style”

“I love your teaching style. I have never had someone coach me as intuitively as you do.”

  • M.M. (Blaine, Washington)

“Value Your Coaching Skills”

“I highly value your coaching skills, ability, technique, and approach. You are consistent in providing feedback and support that generates enthusiasm and self-confidence.”

  • A.S. (Blaine, Washington)

“I Like His Coaching Style”

“I have a better understanding of the game and strategy of pickleball. I felt I’ve learned this because Coach Mark is patient, friendly, and articulate. I like his coaching style.”

  • H.H. (Birch Bay, Washington)

“A Very Patient Teacher”

“You are a very patient teacher. You give thoughtful, positive feedback. Plus, your sessions are just plain fun!”

  • G.R. (Birch Bay, Washington)

“Play Level is Impressive”

“Seeing and playing with your clients and seeing their play level is impressive.”

  • J.R. (Bellingham, Washington)

“Delighted to Learn From You”

“There is really no way to adequately express to you my sincere appreciation for your patience and kindness during our Pickleball introduction today. 

I was an avid USTA player and Captain of several teams before moving here from Maine.  I have been unable to play for several years, after contracting flu and AFIB, I recently have been working out to get back into shape and was delighted to have the opportunity to begin Pickleball under your guidance. I had an amazing tennis coach in Maine and felt the same trust today when learning from you.

I am looking forward to many more opportunities to learn from you!”

  • B.T. (Birch Bay, WA)

“You Are a Professional!”

“Mark, you are a professional and it shows in your teaching. I have appreciated your solid feedback, coaching, and teaching. You have an ability to deliver your services in a way that truly impacts people’s pickleball game in a positive manner.”

  • D.B. (Birch Bay, Washington)

“Positivity is Really Inspiring”

“Coach Mark is clear and concise in his explanations, which he serves up with a wonderful dose of compassion. I learn a great deal at each session, walk away feeling more confident, and my enjoyment of the game goes up every time! Coach Mark’s positivity is really inspiring.”

  • S.W. (Bellingham, WA)

“Valuable and Fun”

“Wanted to let you know, in today’s Workout I also was very happy that you went over ‘blocking’ to reset the pace.
We had just been discussing how to slow down those rapid deep shots.  Thank you for such valuable, fun classes.”

  • C.B (Blaine, WA)

“Thank You, Coach Mark”

“The Park and Recreation District would like to express our sincere gratitude to Coach Mark Livingston and Coach Mark Pickleball Inc. for their generous donation that made the resurfacing of our outdoor courts possible. We are thrilled to have Coach Mark’s support and enthusiasm in developing the pickleball program here at the Blaine – Birch Bay Park and Rec. He has been a vital part of our community and his contribution has made a significant impact on the facilities and programs we offer. Thank you, Coach Mark!”

  • BBAC (Birch Bay, WA)

“You Are at the Top”

“Thanks Mark. I’ve had sessions with numerous teaching pros and must say you are the top in my estimation. Appreciate your organization skills and teaching progression. Some pros talk too much, you say just enough for clarity and I applaud you. Your drills have purpose and can easily be converted into gameplay. Thanks again.”

  • L.S. (Sun Lakes, Ariz.)