Vulcan Demo Paddles

In February 2021, Coach Mark was named a Player Ambassador by the Vulcan Sporting Goods Company.

As a Player Ambassador, Coach Mark provides demo paddles for clients seeking to upgrade paddle technology and improve skills and performance. He assists them in making the right paddle choice and facilitates an introduction to the local distributor in Bellingham, Washington who offers a significant discount on purchases.

Coach Mark advanced from a high 3.5 to a 4.5 in less than a year thanks in part to the paddle technology of Vulcan. Ask Coach Mark to help you find the right paddle for your Skill Level Improvement Plan!

Contact Coach Mark for more information about the demo paddles he has available to test (you can also take advantage of Vulcan’s demo paddle program).

Here’s more information about the Vulcan V530 Gold Lazer paddle Coach Mark uses for doubles and singles play:

The Vulcan V530 Power Paddle is designed for players who hit drives and smashes with maximum pace and depth. Maximum sweet spot area makes this a highly forgiving paddle at net. Features the Classic Shape, with wide-body 16mm polypropylene core with carbon fiber V-Skin surface and inserts. Paddle is made to 8.5 oz. Standard Weight.